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Upcoming Litters

Thistle and That Farm Labradors is happy to announce that we kept two lovely female dogs from
Hatteras x Hotchner's last litter which was whelped on April 07, 2020. The girls have been thru
Puppy Class I and II at Davis Dog Training. It is our hope to further their training and to socialize them by continuing to take them out and about on a regular basis to expose them to people and to other animals.

The girls are named Dory, a yellow female with a kind and docile heart and a soft temperament. Jetty is a black female and is very toy motivated. She is also loving and kind with a bit of pep in her step.

We will be getting all of the clearances done as soon as they are old enough and are hoping to breed them in 2022....Clearances are done and we are breeding currently.

Hatteras and Bertram are retired and spend most days enjoying the farm and going on adventures with the family.

​We are due for a litter of puppies at the end of August 2023 with Oak of Stargazers Labradors and Jetty of Thistle and That Farm.

Jetty and Oak puppies due to go home in October of 2017...Please call Laurie to get details...603-387-5835.