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Our female dogs whelp in the comfort of the warm kitchen next to a wood stove with the support of Laurie nearby.

Hatteras x Chase ...Litter 2016

Puppies pictured in the scroll are just 2 weeks and 3 days old...They are all thriving and starting to open eyes, ears, walk, talk, and play. Hatteras is a great mother dog and cares for her puppies attentively. She is eating and drinking well and gaining her athletic figure back.
Bertram being a great babysitter to Hattie's x Chase's first litter...2016.

Hattie in profile with pups...2016.

Litter in the outside area for some playtime and fresh air...2016.

Hatteras will be bred again inĀ 
April of 2018.
Advent photos of Bertram x Hotchner 2017 litter...One Female still available!
Adding Christmas Pup pics daily...Scroll to bottom to see other items....